How to manifest what you want.

I now officially believe we have the power to manifest. Yep. It works. How do I know this? Well I’m most certainly not an authority on how to manifest something but what I did was….I thought, I moved, I saw opportunity, I took action. that’s how it worked. Let me break it down….

In my quest to go from survival to thrival, from being stuck, to flowing freely like a well oiled machine, I decided I needed to change my job as I wasn’t growing, I was surrounded by negativity and gloom, and I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning. So, I made a conscious decision to stop moaning to myself and anyone in earshot and actually do something about it. First up I thought about where I could step to from my current job which was working as a roofer on noisy construction sites. I worked out what skills I have and which ones were transferable….So for me the most logical move for me was to get out of the hot sun and into an office where I could plan jobs instead of doing them….. The only problem I had was that it is quite hard to land one of these positions. I’d tried on occasions to make this happen but got knocked back time and again. I couldn’t understand why. I mean I had tonnes of practical experience, and understood how things work in the world of roofing. What I didn’t know, I could easily learn. But I couldn’t convince the potential employers this. Transferable skills and all….

I felt stuck, I had to move…..

This meant I had to make a few changes in my routine if I was to manifest what I wanted…Instead of getting up at the latest possible moment before risking being being late for work, I started to get up half an hour earlier. I began writing. I want to become a paid writer (and still do) so I started by practising this every morning for months before going to my roofing job. After a short time I started getting up even earlier, in the cold dark heart of winter. I found myself becoming obsessed with time and actually began counting how many minutes I had before I needed to stop and go to work…Rising before the birds was actually becoming enjoyable. I was already getting up at 4.30am and here I was trying to figure out how to make the most out of this time to get the best results….I was getting better at writing….I decided I needed to improve my mental focus so I began to meditate. I like to use guided meditations and there are many great ones available online….You could try insight timer for some great free ones. I’ve noticed that since I have been regularly meditating, I have become calmer and there’s not as much mess in my monkey mind. There’s still a zillion thoughts popping up but they don’t hang around for long and I’m not become attached to them.

By me taking these actions of writing and meditating, I was feeling more open to change and it gave me the motivation to began to look for opportunitiesImage result for opportunity just ahead free image

I looked at job boards, I spoke with people, I kept my eyes open….And….after a couple of months an opportunity that was aligned with my thoughts and desire to manifest a new career appeared to me.  I immediately took action and contacted the advertiser and I secured the position. It was perfect as it was only part time and I could do it around work. One thing I must say is that it didn’t offer much money at all and my first thought was to say stuff that, but then I thought about what may stem from it. It was giving me a chance to learn a new skill, for free…So I leapt at it. This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life because soon afterwards a fulltime position doing the same work with a different company appeared and I had the confidence to apply for it. I wasn’t sure if I had the experience yet as I’d only just started the other job, but I went along to the interview, explained how I wanted to change direction and had taken it upon myself to learn the required skills needed for this position…. Something must have resonated with them because 3 days later they rang me back and offered me the job! I was blown away!…I had done it.

My determination allowed me to manifest something that I wanted. I now feel like anything is possible…All it took was to think about what I wanted, take action to set the ball rolling, be open to  opportunity and, take more action. That was it. You can create change too if you put your mind to it and take steps to make it happen.

Give it a try!

Distractions. And how to succumb to them. Or not.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my inspiring journey from survival to thrival and there’s a not so good reason for it. I guess you could say while on my drive to thrive, some distractions appeared and I veered off the road briefly. At the outset, I was full of gusto, enthusiastically writing my way to freedom, dosed up on dopamine, seeing life through a pair of John Lennon’s rose coloured lenses. Yep everything was going to be awesome and I was expecting to quickly catapult myself into a bright and shiny new freelancing career. But no, sadly that has not quite happened….yet…I’m still working on it…

Last month my regular work in construction went through a lull and I thought it would be a great opportunity to put in some extra work on my dream to create a new life. But instead of working my butt off developing my business, the brakes kind of engaged and the wheels began to slow. I lost momentum and became wayward.

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Time off from my job seemed to have a reverse effect. Rather than building new skills by spending the hours I would usually work each day at my regular job, I instead went to coffee shops, hung out in nature and played a lot of piano. (I must say though, that my playing has improved remarkably which I am super pleased with!)….and playing is on my vision board so technically it’s classed as working towards achieving my goals……So I’m not completely beating myself up over not throwing myself into writing….I just didn’t feel like I made a lot of progress with it. On a good note, I didn’t completely grind to a halt…. I still got up early and did some writing, and the funny thing is, in a way I was experiencing the kind of lifestyle I dream of…. the freedom of not having to go to a job…..Minus one thing….Making money….That was a constant thought lingering in my mind….How can I do this and make money at the same time? Over the last few weeks, while not exactly thriving financially, I had a taste of what my life looks like without having to go to a regular job. I must say I like the flavour! It’s inspired me to keep on pushing and find my place in this new world I’m stepping into.

I’ve been refining my early morning work before work routine which now includes meditation. I’ve meditated spasmodically over the years, beginning in my early teens when I was a Bruce Lee fanatic. Recently, I decided that I need to practise it consistently in order to help me create some space around the challenges I am coming up with as I redefine my life. I’m finding that I am more relaxed and less reactive in general and I have also found a sense of calmness when I’m at my regular job. As with life, there are also distractions that come along while meditating. For those of you who do it I bet you know what I’m talking about. My mind seems fascinated by thoughts and continually runs away with them… I then have to go find my mind amongst these thoughts and bring it back into the meditation and the presence of now. Now for someone new to the art of meditation, these distractions could lead to frustration and make one feel like they’re not getting anywhere with their practice. But that’s the whole point, there is nowhere to get to. You only have to keep coming back to the present moment. Breathe in breathe out. Mind wanders. Distraction. Bring yourself back to your breath. Over and over and over again. And rather than being put off by your mind monkeying around, you could try and congratulate yourself for recognising this and you can gently bring your mind back to the meditation.

I guess the number one thing I have learned in this downtime is that it is important to set daily tasks, stick to them! There are a whole world of distractions out there, just waiting to consume some of your time. Some are useful, some not…How many people have social media pages open in the background they flick back and forth to while they’re supposedly working? It’s so damn tempting right? Just a quick flick over to see if anyone’s liked your picture of last nights dinner!

I was not very disciplined with my freedom and therefore not as productive as I could have been. I’ll know better for next time.


I’ve been diligently working away at my writing and decided to test myself out making up a bogus sales letter about HivizYoga. It comes straight from my imagination and is mixed with my love of yoga, my job and the enjoyment I get from playing with words. Although it’s taking the mickey and I’m still unsure how to write a proper sales letter, I’m pleased with myself and the progress I’m making. So here it is…..




Ever wished you were healthier, felt lighter and appeared brighter? Well…This sure fire fitness fun is guaranteed to turn a dull day into a bright delight!

It’s Called……. HivizYoga !

Nearly everybody knows what yoga is. But some may wonder what on earth is HivizYoga? Is it some forgotten style from the far reaches of ancient India? Is it a modernised style specially developed for today’s busy bodies? Actually, both. HivizYoga is modern, yes, and it is based on traditional yoga postures (asanas as they’re known in the yoga world). BUT, it is far from anything ever seen before! The word Hiviz actually stems from two words, high and visibility. They’ve been mashed together and mixed with yoga to create something quite colourful and unique.


You may be asking yourself what exactly am I talking about? Or who can practise this form of exercise? Perhaps you’re wondering if you need to be of a certain faith or religion to participate? Is it suitable for any level of fitness? Well, I’ll tell you this…. HivizYoga is for ANYONE who wants to increase their health and wellbeing and look great doing so! Traditionally Hi-Vis clothing came in the form of a vest worn in certain places, such as on a construction site. But nowadays, this unique feature has extended to almost every type of clothing and location.


Everything from socks to shirts, jackets and even underwear. People who may adorn this clothing are typically the type who like to stand out in the crowd. Bright and colourful folks, spotted everywhere from supermarkets, to schools, in trucks, on bikes and even mobility scooters. So prevalent have they become, that you would be hard pushed to not to spot somebody sporting a hi-Vis while out and about on your daily routine!

Now, many hi-visibility wearers have a very physical job, or have done so in the past, and as a result of this tend to be susceptible to muscular and skeletal problems. Most people know somebody who wears a hi-visibility item and suffers from one or even both of these issues. They often go hand in hand and can involve many expensive trips to the doctors for a referral to get physiotherapy or a script for some addictive painkillers. Everybody knows the dangers of long term pain relief medication…..Why take the risk when now there is an effective alternative.


The research team at HivizYoga have created a series of effective and easy to follow yoga postures designed specifically for the needs of the hi-visibility world. They have been formulated from years of studying the ancient yogic arts from India. These secret postures are then fused with fashion making for an easy and uniquely colourful experience for the user. Some people using the program have claimed to have had standout benefits almost immediately! The best thing is that it requires little more than a High visibility item of clothing or accessory (supplied when you purchase the course), a little floor space on which to practise, and to follow the HivizYoga program.


Once you don your apparel and practise these postures regularly, you may well quickly find yourself becoming the envy of your fluoro friends when you are seen striding around tall as a tree and pain free! It’s the fashion fitness that has got ravers raving. Practising HivizYoga on a regular basis can at the very least…

• lower high blood pressure
• Increase blood circulation
• Reduce stress
• Improve fitness
• Increase flexibility
• Eliminate aches and pains
• Regulate sleep

There are many more benefits to add to the list that space doesn’t allow for. The great thing is that these benefits will stay with you for as long as you continue to practise HivizYoga. What have you got to lose? Other than the freedom of living a pain free and joyful life if you don’t do anything about it. I strongly encourage you to take immediate action!
The program comes complete with a six series DVD set, a HivizYoga exercise mat, and of course a quality HivizYoga fitness vest in your choice of fabulous fluoro. The complete series is also available online for your convenience. Furthermore, we have consultants available to answer any queries should in the unlikely event you require assistance with the program or with fitting your hi visibility fitness vest.
All for $297 + postage OR 5 easy payments of $60
Also, it must be noted that, should you not be completely satisfied that HivizYoga has helped to increase your health and brighten your appearance within 30 days, we will happily refund your money!

Don’t suffer any longer. CLICK HERE to brighten your day, the HivizYoga way!

Ready, Fire, Aim.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been getting up early most mornings to write for an hour. It feels like it’s still night time. Even the birds haven’t woken up yet. It’s winter and it’s dark and it’s cold. When I started out I did struggle for a few days, I just wanted to go back to sleep. My hand got sore from the handwriting and I kept glancing at the clock noticing how slowly the hour was ticking by. But over time it has become easier and now I even enjoy the process. I have started to notice some changes as well. I feel more positive and confident in what I am doing and new ideas seem to be rolling into my mind. My thinking is sharper and I’m definitely writing better and reading more thoroughly. I guess it’s that neural connection that goes on when you do something for an extended period of time. Brain rewiring. New pathways firing. It’s exciting. I feel smarter and more motivated than I have in a long time. I am sleeping less but don’t feel tired. Strange huh? The workings of the mind are beyond comprehension! It has also made me realise that if I think I don’t have time to do something, I actually do. It comes down to how important it is and how committed I am to doing it. The reason I started getting up so early was to make time to fit in my new writing ambition before I go off to my day job at 6.30.

Since I’ve started, I decided quickly that I should put into action what I have been practising, rather than practising forever and not taking action. So, I am faking it, and the first job I saw I decided to contact the advertiser and landed a gig writing content for a young couple and their new business venture. I have figured I’ll fire first and then take aim by building up my skills on the run, and secure more work along the way. I really think taking this early morning action has given me confidence to go out there and do it. I feel like my skin is thicker and I’ll be sweet when it comes to rejection from clients who may not like my work and want me to make changes. Heck I’ve had soooo many job rejections applying for jobs in the past. It’s hard to get employed in a company without either knowing someone on the inside, having the experience, or using a little bit of fakery! The other day I got a rejection from an insurance company saying they didn’t even get around to looking at my application! That kinda sucked as I spent ages going through all of their BS application stuff and taking an aptitude test which, I might ad seemed a bit like racial profiling as I think people who didn’t have a really strong grasp of English comprehension would have struggled to answer the questions. I even had to think about some of the answers and I’m a native speaker of the language!

The job market is fickle in this day and age and is precisely another reason I’ve decided to rely on myself, and do things my way. If that includes the saying “fake it till ya make it”, that is exactly what i’ll be doing. Shoot first, fire second.

How to make more time magically appear in your life?

How to make more time magically appear in your life? Well of course you can’t. We only have a set amount of it each day going by the clock. You can however, as I have learned, use it way more efficiently. Lately I have been forcing myself out of my nice warm comfortable bed, into the dark, coldness of winter is almost here, early mornings….All in the name of time creation….Even the birds are still sleeping…When my alarm goes off, my body says to me… ” don’t you dare move, I’m cosy and staying right here”…And yes I would bloody love to! But, I’ve made a commitment to myself to keep moving and motivated, and need to if I am going to transform myself… I’ve realised I need to find this extra time to work before I have to go to my day job. So here I am, It’s now  5am, I’m busy writing and it’s freezing cold, (even though I live in the sub-tropics!) it’s still dark and my family are all happily snoozing in their warm beds. Am I insane?…

Like a lot of people in this life, work takes up so much time, sometimes 12 hours or more, commuting, working, and driving home again. Then there’s other work that needs done around the house, dinner, cleaning up. Ra De Ra…I’ve been spending most of my time after work, writing, reading, pianoing….. But yesterday when I looked outside I saw that the grass and garden has started to turn into a jungle! Badly neglected. I need to strrrrretchhhhh time even more….

I guess what I have realised is, things won’t change unless change is actually created. If you don’t care for change, don’t do anything different…. if you want to be a lazy ass…be one….if you don’t….don’t…Make time to work on yourself and whatever it is you want to get into. Actually get into it and stop practising….that will only lead you to become good at practising! Let’s just say learn on the run!   Get up earlier….Go to bed later…Whatever works for you….
Early morning is an awesome part of the day and I find it more productive time than nightime at the end of the daily grind….

Breathe deep for better health and sleep……zzzzz…..

So, I had another amazing yoga class last night. I really focused on aligning my breathing with each movement as it is incredibly good for my powers of concentration and I also find that I don’t get taken away by my thoughts. If you have trouble sleeping, I’d highly recommend taking a class. …

One of the many benefits of practising yoga is that it teaches you to breathe properly….There are so many people out there that don’t know how to! Yes, of course everyone knows how to breathe…. It’s an automatic function we perform without having to think about it…. But over time we lose our natural breathing ability that we were born with and we end up with a shallow breathing habit which only goes as far as the chest region….The kind of breathing I’m talking about is the one that allows oxygen to go right down into your diaphragm….I once assumed that was how everyone breathed, or could if they wanted to….Until I was discussing this with a lady I once lived with. She only ever breathed into her chest, and as much as I tried to coach her, she couldn’t breathe into her belly…. It left me puzzled…. She was amazed that people could even do that?!…For me it’s as easy as blinking but I couldn’t for the life of me show her how to do it herself. It’s a shame because she had a little stress going on and I know that if she could have done some deep relaxation breathing, it would have really helped her….

So with my best explanation abilities, I will attempt to convey one way of doing it….

  1.  Get comfortable in any position and put your hands on your chest and stomach.
  2.  Focus on your breath until you feel your stomach rise and fall, a bit like inflating and deflating a balloon in your belly.
  3. Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth. The time it takes to exhale should be about twice what it is to inhale….One effective breathing pattern is to breathe in for a count of 4, hold the breathe in for a count of 7, and breathe out slowly for a count of 8.
  4. Do it slowly and stay as relaxed as possible…Do 4-8 breath cycles 1-3 times every day. Especially before going to sleep…

After doing this a while, you may find that you feel calmer and you will sleep soundly….Most of us are sleep deprived due to the chaotic nature of life, so this exercise will really help….It’s such a simple and extremely healthy thing to do, and far better than taking a sleeping pill….Enjoy!….ZZZZZ


Nestled high in the hills amongst the native bush sits a temple. Each week I visit this temple. As soon as I step out of the car, I feel a sense of peace come over me…..Ahhhh…..Yoga….. Tradie by day, yogi by night…. I love it…. It’s so much more than just stretching….Yoga is a discipline that you can carry with you throughout your day, to bring about peace, clarity and presence to all that life throws at you. As for the stretching side of things, I really do love the way it irons out my crinkly body after all the physical exertion I put it through in my day job.

Tired, jaded and sometimes unmotivated, I drag myself off to the classes…..And….like a spring chicken I bounce back out rejuvenated and fresh. It really is quite a transformative experience….

It is another tool I use to help me through the relentless chaos of life. For those couple of hours, I’m free from the bondage of my day to day thought stream, the bombardment of the pretty much useless information my mind seems to delight in sharing with me. I feel kinda spaced out all the way home….throughout dinner…. cleaning up….whatever else I do for the rest of the evening… and….I’m still feeling chill as I fall into bed and into the soundest of sleeps….Bliss….

Never taken a yoga class?….Try it!……

I think yoga is great for increasing my brains stamina or something….Maybe it’s just the slowing down of the thought stream that makes me feel more capable?…My piano learning is definitely helping too and, I need all the brainpower I can achieve in order to succeed in my goal to break free from being a Tradie and to become a decent writer….So, if you’re feeling unmotivated and jaded, or you’re in a hole….. bust out your yoga mat and start stretching….or play music…or draw…or whatever….Just do something!…..It will help you to become unstuck.


Which key am I in?

As part of my quest for thrival, and on top of transitioning from a roofer to a writer, I have decided that I should give my brain a real workout and learn how to play the piano. Working fulltime in my job…. spending hours writing, writing, writing…. and my piano lessons have left time pretty tight. But I need to keep it up or else I’ll end up back at square one, hating my job, trying to think my way out of there and not doing anything solid about it…

I love music and I love banging away on the keys, but have never really learned to play before now so I’ve taken it upon myself to get some professional lessons.

Yesterday I had one of those lessons and I was quickly reminded how much more practise is required before I can possibly call myself a player of the piano! Nerves got in my way….my teacher is the real deal so playing in front of her was slightly intimidating…I can’t even read music. I just learn things by ear and then pretend I’m following the sheet music. But she called my bluff….’Oh Aaron you’ve learned to play it by heart… well done!’ I am trying to read but it’s a whole different language to learn….It’s hard enough to co-ordinate my fumbling fingers let alone look at sheet music at the same time! Something to work on…..

I’m finding it a great way to break up the writing that I’m doing. It’s fun and good for my concentration skills….The neighbours may not be finding it fun hearing me plonking away on our out of tune piano, but I’m sure their dogs are enjoying it as they always bark along! Or is it howling because their ears hurt? Well I’m having a howling good time learning so they’ll just have to deal with it…

I have a goal to reach with my playing and that is to become proficient enough to join a group and do some performing. I’m also thinking of recording my progress just like I’m doing with here blogging my writing journey…

New Beginnings.

So eager am I to be starting out on this new journey, I haven’t even finished building my website yet. Mostly because I am very much an amateur when it comes to web design and I am hoping to rope my computer whiz son into helping me with it next time I see him…


It’s been a long time coming for me to actually take action and start to build myself a life that I want. Many years of wanting to change, coupled with as many years of complaining that it was impossible to change, and feeling like I was a victim of life because I believed I had to work in a job I hated… Many years of that mindset…. Until one day I realised that I had about zero chance of doing anything different if I didn’t actually start to do anything different.

I thought I could think myself out of the hole I was in and into a new, more fruitful place that would align with my values. Instead though, I just thought myself into a big hole of depression and became very stuck and couldn’t get out of it. I continued to think, why can’t I change? I’m so miserable. I don’t like it. I’m a good person, why am I being punished with this inability to change my life? And around and around I went in circles.

One may think up a great idea, but without any action it remains nothing more than a thought.

I have finally decided to do something about my over thinking. I like words so I have set a goal to become a writer. My first job as a writer is to write  blogs about what I am doing to shift from mere survival to thrival. I wasn’t sure, but yes thrival is actually a word, I looked it up…..

thrival. n.—Gloss: doing well in a place, at an occupation, or at an undertaking; the act of thriving.

So, this is it. I’ve started!…