Distractions. And how to succumb to them. Or not.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my inspiring journey from survival to thrival and there’s a not so good reason for it. I guess you could say while on my drive to thrive, some distractions appeared and I veered off the road briefly. At the outset, I was full of gusto, enthusiastically writing my way to freedom, dosed up on dopamine, seeing life through a pair of John Lennon’s rose coloured lenses. Yep everything was going to be awesome and I was expecting to quickly catapult myself into a bright and shiny new freelancing career. But no, sadly that has not quite happened….yet…I’m still working on it…

Last month my regular work in construction went through a lull and I thought it would be a great opportunity to put in some extra work on my dream to create a new life. But instead of working my butt off developing my business, the brakes kind of engaged and the wheels began to slow. I lost momentum and became wayward.

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Time off from my job seemed to have a reverse effect. Rather than building new skills by spending the hours I would usually work each day at my regular job, I instead went to coffee shops, hung out in nature and played a lot of piano. (I must say though, that my playing has improved remarkably which I am super pleased with!)….and playing is on my vision board so technically it’s classed as working towards achieving my goals……So I’m not completely beating myself up over not throwing myself into writing….I just didn’t feel like I made a lot of progress with it. On a good note, I didn’t completely grind to a halt…. I still got up early and did some writing, and the funny thing is, in a way I was experiencing the kind of lifestyle I dream of…. the freedom of not having to go to a job…..Minus one thing….Making money….That was a constant thought lingering in my mind….How can I do this and make money at the same time? Over the last few weeks, while not exactly thriving financially, I had a taste of what my life looks like without having to go to a regular job. I must say I like the flavour! It’s inspired me to keep on pushing and find my place in this new world I’m stepping into.

I’ve been refining my early morning work before work routine which now includes meditation. I’ve meditated spasmodically over the years, beginning in my early teens when I was a Bruce Lee fanatic. Recently, I decided that I need to practise it consistently in order to help me create some space around the challenges I am coming up with as I redefine my life. I’m finding that I am more relaxed and less reactive in general and I have also found a sense of calmness when I’m at my regular job. As with life, there are also distractions that come along while meditating. For those of you who do it I bet you know what I’m talking about. My mind seems fascinated by thoughts and continually runs away with them… I then have to go find my mind amongst these thoughts and bring it back into the meditation and the presence of now. Now for someone new to the art of meditation, these distractions could lead to frustration and make one feel like they’re not getting anywhere with their practice. But that’s the whole point, there is nowhere to get to. You only have to keep coming back to the present moment. Breathe in breathe out. Mind wanders. Distraction. Bring yourself back to your breath. Over and over and over again. And rather than being put off by your mind monkeying around, you could try and congratulate yourself for recognising this and you can gently bring your mind back to the meditation.

I guess the number one thing I have learned in this downtime is that it is important to set daily tasks, stick to them! There are a whole world of distractions out there, just waiting to consume some of your time. Some are useful, some not…How many people have social media pages open in the background they flick back and forth to while they’re supposedly working? It’s so damn tempting right? Just a quick flick over to see if anyone’s liked your picture of last nights dinner!

I was not very disciplined with my freedom and therefore not as productive as I could have been. I’ll know better for next time.

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