I’ve been diligently working away at my writing and decided to test myself out making up a bogus sales letter about HivizYoga. It comes straight from my imagination and is mixed with my love of yoga, my job and the enjoyment I get from playing with words. Although it’s taking the mickey and I’m still unsure how to write a proper sales letter, I’m pleased with myself and the progress I’m making. So here it is…..




Ever wished you were healthier, felt lighter and appeared brighter? Well…This sure fire fitness fun is guaranteed to turn a dull day into a bright delight!

It’s Called……. HivizYoga !

Nearly everybody knows what yoga is. But some may wonder what on earth is HivizYoga? Is it some forgotten style from the far reaches of ancient India? Is it a modernised style specially developed for today’s busy bodies? Actually, both. HivizYoga is modern, yes, and it is based on traditional yoga postures (asanas as they’re known in the yoga world). BUT, it is far from anything ever seen before! The word Hiviz actually stems from two words, high and visibility. They’ve been mashed together and mixed with yoga to create something quite colourful and unique.


You may be asking yourself what exactly am I talking about? Or who can practise this form of exercise? Perhaps you’re wondering if you need to be of a certain faith or religion to participate? Is it suitable for any level of fitness? Well, I’ll tell you this…. HivizYoga is for ANYONE who wants to increase their health and wellbeing and look great doing so! Traditionally Hi-Vis clothing came in the form of a vest worn in certain places, such as on a construction site. But nowadays, this unique feature has extended to almost every type of clothing and location.


Everything from socks to shirts, jackets and even underwear. People who may adorn this clothing are typically the type who like to stand out in the crowd. Bright and colourful folks, spotted everywhere from supermarkets, to schools, in trucks, on bikes and even mobility scooters. So prevalent have they become, that you would be hard pushed to not to spot somebody sporting a hi-Vis while out and about on your daily routine!

Now, many hi-visibility wearers have a very physical job, or have done so in the past, and as a result of this tend to be susceptible to muscular and skeletal problems. Most people know somebody who wears a hi-visibility item and suffers from one or even both of these issues. They often go hand in hand and can involve many expensive trips to the doctors for a referral to get physiotherapy or a script for some addictive painkillers. Everybody knows the dangers of long term pain relief medication…..Why take the risk when now there is an effective alternative.


The research team at HivizYoga have created a series of effective and easy to follow yoga postures designed specifically for the needs of the hi-visibility world. They have been formulated from years of studying the ancient yogic arts from India. These secret postures are then fused with fashion making for an easy and uniquely colourful experience for the user. Some people using the program have claimed to have had standout benefits almost immediately! The best thing is that it requires little more than a High visibility item of clothing or accessory (supplied when you purchase the course), a little floor space on which to practise, and to follow the HivizYoga program.


Once you don your apparel and practise these postures regularly, you may well quickly find yourself becoming the envy of your fluoro friends when you are seen striding around tall as a tree and pain free! It’s the fashion fitness that has got ravers raving. Practising HivizYoga on a regular basis can at the very least…

• lower high blood pressure
• Increase blood circulation
• Reduce stress
• Improve fitness
• Increase flexibility
• Eliminate aches and pains
• Regulate sleep

There are many more benefits to add to the list that space doesn’t allow for. The great thing is that these benefits will stay with you for as long as you continue to practise HivizYoga. What have you got to lose? Other than the freedom of living a pain free and joyful life if you don’t do anything about it. I strongly encourage you to take immediate action!
The program comes complete with a six series DVD set, a HivizYoga exercise mat, and of course a quality HivizYoga fitness vest in your choice of fabulous fluoro. The complete series is also available online for your convenience. Furthermore, we have consultants available to answer any queries should in the unlikely event you require assistance with the program or with fitting your hi visibility fitness vest.
All for $297 + postage OR 5 easy payments of $60
Also, it must be noted that, should you not be completely satisfied that HivizYoga has helped to increase your health and brighten your appearance within 30 days, we will happily refund your money!

Don’t suffer any longer. CLICK HERE to brighten your day, the HivizYoga way!

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