How to make more time magically appear in your life?

How to make more time magically appear in your life? Well of course you can’t. We only have a set amount of it each day going by the clock. You can however, as I have learned, use it way more efficiently. Lately I have been forcing myself out of my nice warm comfortable bed, into the dark, coldness of winter is almost here, early mornings….All in the name of time creation….Even the birds are still sleeping…When my alarm goes off, my body says to me… ” don’t you dare move, I’m cosy and staying right here”…And yes I would bloody love to! But, I’ve made a commitment to myself to keep moving and motivated, and need to if I am going to transform myself… I’ve realised I need to find this extra time to work before I have to go to my day job. So here I am, It’s now  5am, I’m busy writing and it’s freezing cold, (even though I live in the sub-tropics!) it’s still dark and my family are all happily snoozing in their warm beds. Am I insane?…

Like a lot of people in this life, work takes up so much time, sometimes 12 hours or more, commuting, working, and driving home again. Then there’s other work that needs done around the house, dinner, cleaning up. Ra De Ra…I’ve been spending most of my time after work, writing, reading, pianoing….. But yesterday when I looked outside I saw that the grass and garden has started to turn into a jungle! Badly neglected. I need to strrrrretchhhhh time even more….

I guess what I have realised is, things won’t change unless change is actually created. If you don’t care for change, don’t do anything different…. if you want to be a lazy ass…be one….if you don’t….don’t…Make time to work on yourself and whatever it is you want to get into. Actually get into it and stop practising….that will only lead you to become good at practising! Let’s just say learn on the run!   Get up earlier….Go to bed later…Whatever works for you….
Early morning is an awesome part of the day and I find it more productive time than nightime at the end of the daily grind….

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