My Journey

My journey from survival to thrival can be summed up in this picture

For me it defines freedom….

The wide open spaces,  Adventure. Alive.

For many years, this was not the picture I saw in life. Although it was always lurking somewhere in the back of my mind, urging to be brought forth into the light, I couldn’t for the life of me see it clearly and think of a way to make it happen. That was my problem. I was thinking and not doing. Which at the end of the day amounts to a whole lot of not much more than a cluttered mind. I thought I could think my way into the kind of life I was looking for. The issue with that was I had no idea what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to be. So naturally I couldn’t think of anyway to change my situation because I lacked any form of direction. I was stuck.

What is the single best thing to do when you’re stuck?

MOVE! It’s the only way actually….

I realised that if I was going to point my life in the direction of the road I wanted to travel, I would need to take action. Real solid action. No more thinking, just doing. So, first up I decided I would start off on this journey by writing about my adventures and things I am doing to help me achieve my mission of moving from survival to thrival…Yes it is a word….

I had been in the same industry for over 20 years spending most of that time perched upon rooftops. My job was to install roofs.

The views were magnificent at times and the hard work kept me fit. Other than that I got nothing from it apart from sunburn and an aching body from the wear and tear. I realise it’s a necessary job, everyone needs a roof over their head after all, except my heart wasn’t in it. I felt that my work didn’t align with my life and my values. I was out of place and  just didn’t fit in. Why did I do it for so long? Well, I could give many reasons…. paying the bills of course is one….But mostly because of my mindset and the not knowing how to change. This, over time led to the stuckness…

Coming from a background in construction, I had absolutely zero skills when it comes to working online. I didn’t even know what the word blog meant. Until I learned that you can find anything you need online. So naturally I googled what it meant. (Google is another word I learned by googling it!) Naturally my mind would say things to me such as “How are you gonna do this? You have no what you’re doing”.”Just give up and stick with what you know and we’ll both be better off”…..My mind was protesting like crazy. It had become lazy and didn’t want to learn something new. I had to really coax it to agree to get out of bed before 5am and stick this out!

So here I am, blogging, and swimming through computerland’s ocean of knowledge, taking action, and keeping my sometimes reluctant mind on the ball.

I now have a new road to travel and I’m looking forward to the many twists and turns I’ll encounter along the way. That’s where opportunities lie.


This is my journey…