Ready, Fire, Aim.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been getting up early most mornings to write for an hour. It feels like it’s still night time. Even the birds haven’t woken up yet. It’s winter and it’s dark and it’s cold. When I started out I did struggle for a few days, I just wanted to go back to sleep. My hand got sore from the handwriting and I kept glancing at the clock noticing how slowly the hour was ticking by. But over time it has become easier and now I even enjoy the process. I have started to notice some changes as well. I feel more positive and confident in what I am doing and new ideas seem to be rolling into my mind. My thinking is sharper and I’m definitely writing better and reading more thoroughly. I guess it’s that neural connection that goes on when you do something for an extended period of time. Brain rewiring. New pathways firing. It’s exciting. I feel smarter and more motivated than I have in a long time. I am sleeping less but don’t feel tired. Strange huh? The workings of the mind are beyond comprehension! It has also made me realise that if I think I don’t have time to do something, I actually do. It comes down to how important it is and how committed I am to doing it. The reason I started getting up so early was to make time to fit in my new writing ambition¬†before I go off to my day job at 6.30.

Since I’ve started, I decided quickly that I should put into action what I have been practising, rather than practising forever and not taking action. So, I am faking it, and the first job I saw I decided to contact the advertiser and landed a gig writing content for a young couple and their new business venture. I have figured I’ll fire first and then take aim by building up my skills on the run, and secure more work along the way. I really think taking this early morning action has given me confidence to go out there and do it. I feel like my skin is thicker and I’ll be sweet when it comes to rejection from clients who may not like my work and want me to make changes. Heck I’ve had soooo many job rejections applying for jobs in the past. It’s hard to get employed in a company without either knowing someone on the inside, having the experience, or using a little bit of fakery! The other day I got a rejection from an insurance company saying they didn’t even get around to looking at my application! That kinda sucked as I spent ages going through all of their BS application stuff and taking an aptitude test which, I might ad seemed a bit like racial profiling as I think people who didn’t have a really strong grasp of English¬†comprehension would have struggled to answer the questions. I even had to think about some of the answers and I’m a native speaker of the language!

The job market is fickle in this day and age and is precisely another reason I’ve decided to rely on myself, and do things my way. If that includes the saying “fake it till ya make it”, that is exactly what i’ll be doing. Shoot first, fire second.

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